Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 4: Pittsfield, MA - Amsterdam, NY

Time: 5 hours (approx)
Distance: 111km
Average Speed: 20km/h (approx)

We woke up to a serious downpour. The rain had eased off enough by 11am for us to make a start. The hills coming out of Pittsfield weren't as tough as those going in but there was a lot of climbing for the first hour or 2. After a few miles we crossed into New York state. It was a successful days shopping and we managed to finally get a wall plug for the GPS and a mount for connecting it to the handlebars of the bike. I haven't got lost as much as I usually do on this trip but writing down google maps directions every night and having to stop at every few turns on the road to check them is starting to get annoying. I also bought myself a tent. So after 4 days of cycling things are a bit more organised. Ryan has been problems with the bike every day. 4 flats in the first 3 days, derailler problems and a ripped pannier bag but we're still making good time. Tonight we stay in Amsterdam. Theres a town called Galway a few miles up the road.

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  1. Never been to Galway NY, but my first college roommate was from there - Joe Apicella.