Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 5: Amsterdam, NY - Little Falls, NY

Time: 3:29:34
Distance: 77.2km
Average Speed: 22.1km/h

After watching Lance Armstrong's Tour De France disaster day in the morning we were on a mission to get to Little Falls to see the World Cup Final. In a few hours we arrived in the village of St. Johnsville where we met an old teacher of Ryan's, Bob Albrecht. Bob took us on a cycle trail along the Erie canal and then took us out to a bar in Little Falls to watch the football, eat and drink beer. After the game we got a shower at his house before going to Spruce Lake and taking a rowing boat out for an hour or 2. I saw my first Amish people today in a cart being drawn by a horse down the road. I can't thank Bob and his family enough for making us feel welcome in their house and for sending us off with a great breakfast in the morning.

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  1. Hey Ryan, I just talked to Uncle Steve and he told me about your expidition -- WOW.

    You can stay at my place when in Iowa City-- Let us know when you are coming through.

    Hugs -- Diane