Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 40: Centennial, WY - Saratoga, WY

Time: 5:21:07
Distance: 89.33km
Average Speed: 16.6km/h

I didn't get much sleep last night because of the cold even though I was wearing nearly all the clothes in my bags. We spent over 2 hours climbing to an altitude of over 10,000ft in the Snowy Mountains and were lucky enough to see some moose on the way up. This has been the most scenic day so far. After the climb there was a descent of around 3000ft which brought us into the town of the hot springs, Saratoga. We spent the evening in the public hot springs before camping beside Saratoga Lake.


  1. The country you are going through sure is beautiful. Glad you're seeing some wildlife other than at bars! Thanks for the call, Ryan. Be safe. The fair is on starting today--come for dinner in Bath.

  2. LOVE the pictures, guys! i don't know why but my comments seem to disappear. i'm still reading and cheering you on, though! RIDE RIDE RIDE!

  3. omg. Beautiful!! I'm jealous!

  4. looking good seƱor Pablo, the rockies pics look amazing


  5. Thanks for all the comments folks. This was definitely the most spectacular day so far.