Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 41: Saratoga, WY - Slater, CO

Time: 5:20:24
Distance: 102.28km
Average Speed: 19.1km/h

The rain delayed us from leaving Saratoga but we managed to get out at around midday. Before we left Saratoga we met a man called David who has been cycling around America for the last 5 years. He's covered 8,000 miles now but stays in towns a little longer if he finds work. Just after lunch a pretty bad storm started. We were cycling uphill straight into strong wind, thunder and lightning. We had a few rain showers but got some shelter in the woods. The rain eased off towards the top of the climb and we eventually crossed the continental divide at almost 10,000ft. A long descent took us to a campsite just outside Slater, Colorado on the Wyoming border.


  1. Whats in the last video?

  2. all those sheep looks familiar to me... are you sure you were not in conemara by any chance?


  3. The last video is a deer on the road. We had a bit of a standoff.

    The first sheep I've seen in weeks Josie, I had to make a video. They are free to run wherever they like in the Rockies.