Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 48: Salt Lake City, UT - Lake Point, UT

Time: 3:07:24
Distance: 53.97km
Average Speed: 17.2km/h

It took a long time to get out of Salt Lake City. We stopped in the worlds first KFC restaurant on the outskirts of the town where I had a bacon sandwich that instead of bread used chicken. The roads coming out of Salt Lake are probably the most scary we've been on during this trip. We were cycling on a road with 3 lanes and passed a lot of entrances and exits. When we passed the airport the road got a bit calmer. A while later Ryan got a flat. It took a while to fix as we are still getting used to the new pump. We passed the Great Salt Lake where the city derived its name. We camped on what looked like the last piece of grass just before the Salt Flats near Lake Point.


  1. Thats so cool. Wanted to ask u about the flats. I would love to see them in person! Were they nice?

  2. The best part was the bonneville flats speedway. Thats where i made the video of me walking around in the salt. A lot of the other places near the highway seem to be mined. I tasted a bit of the salt before I left. I realise it might have been stood on many times :)

  3. Youve already picked up a dead snake. I wouldnt worry about the salt

  4. That's my hometown ( not Lakepoint itself, but just west in Tooele ).