Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 59: Rio Vista, CA - Napa, CA

Time: 4:36:48
Distance: 77.64km
Average Speed: 16.8km/h

Today was supposed to be one of the shorter days of the trip but we ran into a few problems. We tried to take Highway 12 out of Rio Vista but quickly found out that there was no shoulder on the road so we asked for directions for a detour. We took a quiet country road flanked by windmills for about 30km before we got onto a part of Highway 12 that had some shoulder. On our way we stopped in a bar to ask for directions and ended up staying there nearly an hour listening to the 83 year old owner tell stories. We were the only 3 people in the pub. The ground was covered with peanut shells which added to the charm of the place. Just outside Suisun City my front tire went flat. It managed to stay up for just long enough to get inside the city limits and off the highway. When I turned the bike upside down to fix the puncture I noticed a thorn in my back tire so I pulled it out and heard that familiar hissing sound. After repairing both tubes we ate in Suisun. We arrived in Napa an hour or 2 later where we met our couchsurfing host Lena who took us to her house. As soon as we arrived we noticed that Ryan had a flat too.

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