Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 11: Collins, NY - Sherman, NY

Time: 4:55:08
Distance: 94.03km
Average Speed: 19.1km/h

What we thought would be an easy enough ride to Sherman ended up being probably the second toughest day so far. New York state wasn't letting us go without a fight and the climbs kept on coming, usually against the wind in the heat. Ryan's cousin, Joanne, in Sherman told us to arrive hungry and we did. When we got there she had cooked a few chickens and steaks on the barbeque with pasta, potatoes and stuffed jalapenos. A great feast! Tomorrow we will leave New York state and hopefully reach a campsite on the shores of Lake Erie.


  1. You guys are making great progress! Ali and I just drove back to Denver from Rhode Island and we kept think of you guys cycling across in this heat. I'm interested to know how your bodies are holding up to the increased work load. Are you recovering fully overnight for the next day's ride? Good luck! - Donal

  2. Thanks Donal, The heat hasn't had too big an affect so far. The hills of upstate New York were harder than I expected though. I've had to reduce the beer intake to survive these long days in the sun but we've been out a few nights. hopefully your few days in rhode island after the wedding went well. I'll chat to you about Denver again but it's looking like we might go a bit further north to avoid the worst of the rockies.
    All the best,

  3. I was in Sherman a couple times last week, once pretty much by accident, the other just last Saturday, 7/31, to get gaS ON OUR WAY BACK TO hORNELL FROM A WEEK OF CAMPING at Camp Findley on Findley Lake. Glad you had some fine dining in Sherman.