Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 12: Sherman, NY - North Kingsville, OH

Time: 4:50:15
Distance: 106.63km
Average Speed: 22km/h

Ryan's cousin Joanne cooked us what she called the typical American breakfast and it was great. My first time trying American maple syrup on the pancakes. In less than an hour we crossed the border into Pennsylvania state. The first city was Erie. It hasn't much going for it. We cycled for ages through what I now know are called strip malls. These are horrible places to bring a bike and you have to stay really focused on the cars pulling out of the different shop's car parks.
We we got into the countryside we met 2 Americans cycling from Buffalo to Cleveland. They were doing some tire repairs so we stopped to loan them a pump. We cycled with them for the rest of the day and they really boosted our average speed for the day. Once we found a campsite we said our goodbyes and went to set up our tents. A woman at the campsite must have thought we looked hungry and offered us pork chops, beans and beer. Success!

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