Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 14: Cleveland, OH - Sandusky, OH

Time: 4:53:35
Distance: 100.67km
Average Speed: 20.5km/h

Today we cycled along the misleadingly named Lake Erie Coastal Trail. Even when you are on the Coastal Trail you only see the lake every few minutes. The whole area is very built up and the lake seems to be surrounded by houses. Roads in Ohio have been flat so far so we can make up a lot of ground easily. After 2 weeks I've had my first bike problems; nothing major, just a tube that seems to be leaking air and a loose spoke. I managed to fix all that and we still arrived in Sandusky by 2.30pm. Tonight we are staying with Melanie who we met on couchsurfing. She was working in the evening so we didn't get to talk to her for long but she has made us feel at home and cooked for us.


  1. i see you are becoming couch surfers :D

  2. Well done lads, you're doing a great job, keep going!
    Paul with Every day, you look more and more like the great Miguel Indurain : )