Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 15: Sandusky, OH - Toledo, OH

Time: 5:44:25
Distance: 113.03km
Average Speed: 19.6km/h

So many things delayed us today. My back tire was a bit flat again so I pumped that enough to get to the nearest bike shop. I also had to get the back wheel straightened as it buckled a little from the loose spoke yesterday. After the fix we went for breakfast across the street. When we got back to the bikes the wheel was flat again so I replaced the tube and went back to the bike shop for more air. Down the road we were blocked at the level crossing by a really long slow train for another few minutes. After that there were roadworks. Another hour in and Ryan got another puncture. It was starting to look like we wouldn't make Toledo. The road was flat all day so despite the wind being in our faces we managed to make up a lot of time in the last few hours before darkness and we reached our couchsurfing hosts Mike and Fuego the cat, shortly after 9pm.


  1. Why dont you put the link to this blog on your CS profile?

  2. Sounds like fun! Fair play!

  3. you should put a link to your blog on CS!

  4. So the couch surfing has worked out for you guys?

    Bob Albrecht

  5. The Couchsurfing's been going well so far. All great hosts.