Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 16: Toledo, OH - Hicksville, OH

Time: 5:29:33
Distance: 122.44km
Average Speed: 21.6km/h

The day of Pies! We ate at a place called Schmuckers in the morning. The bike shop we'd been to in the morning for oil and air recommended the pie there, so after breakfast we had 2 slices each. On our way to Hicksville we stopped off at another place to see what their pie was like. I forget the name of the place. The last few miles into Hicksville were along country roads lined with cornfields and fields of soy beans. When we arrived at Maureen and Pete's who we met on couchsurfing they had dinner on the table for us and more pie for desert. We stayed talking to them, mostly about travelling for a few hours. Maureen has been to 65 countries and Pete fought in the Vietnam war.

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