Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 17: Hicksville, OH - Ligonier, IN

Time: 5:10:13
Distance: 88.67km
Average Speed: 17.1km/h

In the morning we got our picture taken for the Hicksville Tribune, said goodbye to Maureen and Pete and headed for Indiana. Once we started cycling west we started to feel the full effects of the wind. At some stages the average speed was down to 11 or 12 km/h. Once we reached Ligonier we decided we had gone far enough for the day and went for pizza in a nice place called Brenda's Coffee Table. The owner gave us some orange juice and cereal bars as we were leaving when she found out we were camping for the night. We found a camp site up the road from the town center. Just as I was starting to pitch my tent a thunder storm started and the rain began. I managed to get most of the tent up before the rain got really heavy. Tonight, for the first time I had the mixture of cheap Canadian Black Velvet whiskey (that we bought in Ligonier) and a box of everlasting gobstoppers that Maureen gave us when we were leaving which managed to keep the spirits up with all the rain flooding down.


  1. Oops! Could you rephrase the comment about the cheap Canadian whiskey and the Gobstoppers? Hey everyone --I really did give them the Gobstoppers but I'm not sure where the cheap whiskey came from.

  2. Hahaha! Sorry Maureen, I'll just clarify that we got the whiskey in a shop in Ligonier. It did go down well with the gobstoppers. Thanks again for letting us stay.