Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 18: Ligonier, IN - Grovertown, IN

Time: 4:15:45
Distance: 86.25km
Average Speed: 20.2km/h

We put our clothes and sleeping bags in the campsite dryer and hung our tents out to dry. On our quick round trip to Ligonier to get food I got my second flat of the trip. The wind died down a bit today and we made good progress, stopping in the town of Bremen for food in a place called Hooples. We were aiming for a campsite on the highway 30 but were about 10 miles short of it when it started raining. The rain quickly turned into a storm of thunder and lightning. We were standing under a tree taking shelter from the rain (I know your not supposed to do that in a storm but it was raining) outside a random house when the owner came out and offered us a lift to the nearest truck stop. We got talking in his truck about our trip and when we arrived at the truck stop he said to us he had 2 spare rooms in his house and that we could stay with him until the storm passed. So, we went back to Dave's house, he checked was it ok for us to stay with his wife, Tami and we got in and dried ourselves off. They even made food for us. Dave and Tami's kindness saved us from what would have been a miserable and potentially dangerous night in a terrible storm. We sat with them watching television, chatting and watching their son Logan perform acrobatics across the room for the evening. We're starting to get into a new time zone now and Dave's house was just on the border. In one room of the house your phone can be on eastern time and in another it could be on central time.


  1. it's couchsurfing without using the website :)

  2. 6 hrs behind me now!

  3. There's some daaaecent folk there in America!