Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 19: Grovertown, IN - New Lenox, IL

Time: 6:14:42
Distance: 135.17km
Average Speed: 21.6km/h

After breakfast in Dave's house we set off for Illinois. My bike had seized up from all the rain last night but we had some chain oil and it was working fine in a few minutes. After about a half an hour I got another flat. We went for food a few miles after I had fixed the puncture. When we were about to leave the tire was flat again. I'm starting to catch up with Ryan in the most punctures contest. My back tire is starting to wear out really badly probably because of all the weight thats resting on it (tent, sleeping bag, pannier bags, me) so I'm hoping to replace that tomorrow. We reached the campsite in New Lenox before dark and I put up my tent straight away in case there was another storm. We bought some food and cream soda in the shop up the street. I'm starting to like a lot of the american foods and drinks that I never would have eaten or drank at home like cream soda, root beer, doughnuts, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup...


  1. u should try cream soda and milk ... It's weird, I know, but sooo good!! :)

  2. cream soda and milk is on my to do list for today