Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 2: Northborough, MA - Amherst, MA

Time: 6:10:44
Distance: 120.66km
Average Speed: 19.5km/h

I didn't post last night because it was my birthday and the pubs of Amherst needed to be hit. A great little town! Our first job of the day was to get a GPS for the rest of the trip. We picked one up after about an hour or so but didn't use it straight away since it needed a few hours to charge. We planned today's route using Google maps bike directions. After a couple of hours we started a huge descent for about 20 minutes. It was slightly off the route plan but would still get us to Amherst. The route took us on huge climbs and descents through forests and past lakes. I enjoyed day 2 better than day 1 since we got to cycle through some nice countryside and the roads were great. The heat hasn't been too tough to deal with so far but you need a lot of water to deal with it. We arrived in Amherst pretty late last night and were lucky to get the last room in a motel near the town centre. The biggest disapointment of the day; when we arrived in Amherst and opened the GPS box we realised it didn't have a charger that could be plugged into the wall, only a cigerette lighter charger.


  1. Hahaha!! ;) Poor guys!

  2. Good to meet you guys!
    Safe riding!

    I passed the word on & hopefully people will follow you and help you out along the way.


  3. We finally got the wall charger today Kailey.
    Thanks for the links Bob. We made it to Amsterdam just before dark.