Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 1: Boston, MA - Northborough, MA

Time: 3:37:47
Distance: 68.32km
Average Speed: 18.8km/h

We started the cycle from Christopher Columbus Park in Boston. We were only 5 minutes in when we saw a cyclist crash into a runner on the cycle lane by the Charles River. Messy crash but they seemed ok. The first few miles were all along a cycle path which took us out of the city. Once the cycle lane ended we watched the second half of Spain v Germany before setting off for Framingham. We had planned to pick up a GPS there along the way but couldn't find the shop. That will be our first task tomorrow. This sort of cycle is impossible to freestyle and our map's today weren't detailed enough. Most of our day was spent cycling through suberban areas. Because of all the traffic it was tough to build up any speed so we didn't get as far as we would have liked. There isn't much to see on the outskirts of any major city and Boston is no exception. Tonight we stayed in a motel in the middle of nowhere. No beer so there should be an early start in the morning. The main positive is that the cycle has started without any major problems or delays.


  1. Juanpablo buddy how goes it. Best of luck on the adventure man. I shall be following this closely. Good to see you called into the queally. San Fran awaits!!!!!

  2. Ah Paulo! Freestyle it for feck sake. Im still proud of my freestyle from kilbeggan to lillyput when i was 12 and sure this cant be much different....Just remember the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.....good lad!

  3. The sun only rises in the West and sets in the East in Offaly. Freestylin again tomorrow. Bought a GPS today but it only has a car cigarette lighter charger. Kells will be hit in san fran shane coll!