Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 20: New Lenox, IL - Spring Valley, IL

Time: 5:58:43
Distance: 130.68km
Average Speed: 21.5km/h

We left the campsite in New Lenox late enough and then took the bikes for an overpriced servicing of the gears. I finally managed to replace my tire with a more puncture resistant one. Because of the time we took to get out of Joliet today we didn't make our camp site in time so we are staying in a motel in Spring Valley.


  1. thats a serious average speed u were doin, lucky u didnt get a ticket

  2. We stayed in
    Toledo last week on our way home. I hope that your tires stay fixed for a while! Stay safe! Lydia

  3. Just noticed the average speed looked a bit unrealistic. Its adjusted now.