Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 7: Georgetown, NY - Mecklenburg, NY

Time: 5:52:20
Distance: 123.38km
Average Speed: 20.9km/h

In our earliest start so far we were on the road by 7am. We were planning to cycle the 70km to Ryan's sister's house just outside Ithaca. Because of the early start we arrived well before 11am so we decided it would be better to just have a rest at her house and then continue towards Canaseraga. After a break of a few hours we passed through Cornell University in Ithaca. The waterfall below is in the middle of the university campus.

This part of New York is similar enough to Ireland. There is a lot of farming going on and the land looks quite similar. The main differences are that the houses (and sometimes the barns) are made out of wood and that you can see Amish people using the roads alongside the cars in horse drawn carts. We were aiming for a campsite today in Sugar Hill near Watkin's Glen. At around 7pm it started to look like rain so we made the decision to camp in a hilltop forest near the side of the road just after the village of Mecklenburg.

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  1. Is that waterfall REALLY in the middle of the campus?