Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 8: Mecklenburg, NY - Canaseraga, NY

Time: 6:14:36
Distance: 130.31km
Average Speed: 20.8km/h

Today was our longest cycle so far. We were on the road early (by 8am or so) and stopped in Watkins Glen for breakfast. We needed a bike shop as Ryan had broke a spoke and neither of us knew how to fix/replace one. We reached the town of Dundee a few miles up the road passing the last of the finger lakes. With the spoke fixed and the wheel trued we set off for Canaseraga. After about a half an hour the same wheel got a puncture. I managed to patch it up before we got to the next town, Bath. Ryan decided to replace the back tire for the 4th time in 8 days as there was a pretty big hole on the side of the tire. A few miles before Ryan's house 2 deer bucks ran out in front of us across the road. I've seen a lot of animals over the last 8 days that we don't get at home; racoons, skunks and lots of woodchucks. I didn't even know what a woodchuck was before I started this cycle. We made it to Canaseraga by about 6pm and were greeted first of all by the 2 huge Great Dane dogs and then Ryan's family. They have a pond up the road with a pavillion so we went up there to have a great dinner with my first spuds since Ireland. After dinner we went to the nearest big town of Hornell to drink beer in an Irish sports bar called RBI's. The bar girl poured my Guinness in one go but it didn't taste much different than usual. Tomorrow is the first day off.


  1. Poor Ryan is having a shocking time with those tyres! Chin up

  2. ooohhh I want those dogs.

  3. Hey, but don't use those horses to pull you to SF

  4. Seeing the pic of the dogs and reading about punctures, last night our little ankle-biter went so low as to bite (puncture in 2 places) my left big toe. I was trying to persuade him to go out to relieve himself, and he didn't wish to do so.