Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 29: Omaha, NE - Lincoln, NE

Time: 5:03:20
Distance: 102.43km
Average Speed: 20.2km/h

I woke early and talked with my brothers and sister on Skype. Myself and Ryan walked down to the Old Market area of Omaha to get breakfast. We left Omaha shortly after 1pm. Going to the Crescent Moon the night before had it's affects on me but after an hour or 2 on the bike I was fine. Tonight we're staying in Lincoln. Our host met us after his rehearsel for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, The Musical. We drank a beer with him in the house then went to sleep.


  1. You two are awesome! Keep up your wonderful pace! I'll post your blog on my Facebook page to see if anyone else will pull over and give you water, too! be safe out there!

  2. ha ha i'd love to see that musical!