Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 28: Minden, IA - Omaha, NE

Time: 2:37:12
Distance: 58.37km
Average Speed: 22.2km/h

Today was probably the easiest day so far. The hills stopped as soon as we left Minden so we had a flat ride to Omaha. We stopped in the True Wheel Bicycle shop in Council Bluffs as Ryan's back wheel has a crack on the rim and was looking like it could fall apart any day. He needed a new front dérailleur, back wheel, tire tube and chain. The mechanic in the shop did it all for a very reasonable price. Down the street from the bike shop we decided to go to a place called 1892 German Bier Haus. We met some interesting people there, drank the dark German beer (served to us by the most badass bartender ever - She told me to write that) and ate Bratwurst. One of the people we met in there paid our bill before we left. We're not too sure who it was but thanks! We crossed the bridge at the Missouri river to get into Nebraska and we arrived in Omaha soon after. We stayed in a couchsurfing house with a few cats where 6 or 7 people lived. They told us they had a couchsurfer most nights of the year. Ian cooked tortilla for us. We were driven to a pub quiz by Brian. After, I went drinking with Curtis in the Crescent Moon. There were hundreds of bottled beers there and a huge selection on tap. A great place!

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