Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 27: Guthrie Center, IA - Minden, IA

Time: 6:51:36
Distance: 137.5km
Average Speed: 20km/h

It rained heavily all morning but my tent managed to keep nearly all of it out. We thought we had an easy ride out of the campsite and into Guthrie Center but it turned out to be our hardest morning so far. The GPS sent us onto more dirt roads for the first hour. Ryan took a left turn (because the GPS told him to) and ended up on a wet mud road. His wheels got caked in mud when he got the bike out of there all the mud got into his brakes. After nearly 2 hours on an empty stomach we found a restaurant in Guthrie Centre. They said they were closed until evening and apologised. We didn't accept their apology but we took their recommendation to try the pizza place up the street. After a few hours we arrived in the Danish town of Kimballton. They have a replica of the Copenhagen Little Mermaid in the center of the town and Danish flags everywhere. It might have been our toughest day so far with all the problems of the morning and the constant climbing up and freewheeling down hills all day. We stayed with Ryan's friend Alyssa in Minden. He met her at a 30 hour dance marathon a few years ago. Her mother cooked for us and gave us some great chocolate coffee beans.

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