Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 32: Kearney, NE - Lexington, NE

Time: 2:41:30
Distance: 54.92km
Average Speed: 20.3km/h

Just outside Lexington Ryan's tire blew up. It had been showing some signs of wear and we probably should have replaced it sooner. The tire itself now has a hole about an inch wide. An old man with a cowboy hat took us to a nearby walmart to get a new tire. They had tires for mountain, bmx and hybrid bikes but none for a racing bike. 3 brothers in a truck took us back into town. Katie told us yesterday she would be going to a wedding in North Platte today so we knew she would be passing through Lexington. Ryan sent her a text asking her to get the new tire and we went to a bar to wait. While we were there we got talking to a local man and he paid for all our beer. Katie showed up a few hours later with a little black box containing a tube instead of a tire. We managed to hide our disappointment. We thanked her for helping us out and told her to enjoy the wedding. At night we walked the cricket lined streets of Lexington and went to the towns Mexican and American bars.

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