Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 33: Lexington, NE - North Platte, NE

Time: 4:55:44
Distance: 97.42km
Average Speed: 19.7km/h

We made the decision that Ryan would hitch a lift to North Platte (The next town with a bike shop) and I would cycle solo for the day. It seemed like the hottest day of the trip. When I refilled my water bottles with cold water steam would rise from the bottle. The water in the bottles seemed to be near boiling point inside an hour. As I was on the road I noticed what I thought were zebras in someones back garden so I cycled in for a closer look. I thought someone from the house might have came out to see what I was up to but they didn't. It looks like I'll never know why zebras exist in Nebraska. As for Ryan's hitch hiking he made it to North Platte about 3 hours before I did and managed to locate a bike shop that will open tomorrow and a motel for the night.


  1. Thats a friend that Ryan met. They were waiting for me when I arrived in North Platte.