Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 34: North Platte, NE - Big Springs, NE

Time: 5:05:31
Distance: 125.76km
Average Speed: 24.6km/h

North Platte's bike shop opened at 9.30 and we went straight in to buy 3 tubes each and a spare tire. Ryan used his first tube after an hour and I used mine a while later. I think I'm on around 5 punctures now and Ryan could be on 15. He's now on his 5th back tire. Here's the work he's had done on the bike so far:
  • Back tire replaced 4 times
  • Back wheel trued twice
  • New spoke in back wheel
  • Eventually a new back wheel was needed
  • New chain
  • New front dérailleur
  • Tooth in middle chain ring straightened
  • New cables
  • New brakes
  • New peddles
  • Replaced broken water bottle and cage
Just a few miles outside Big Springs we got caught in the rain but got shelter just in time. A few minutes later Ryan broke a spoke in the front wheel. This yellow bike must be cursed! When the rain eased off we made it to a motel in Big Springs. Luckily we decided not to camp tonight because of the lightning. The storm went on most of the night. We met a man called Daniel from Montreal who was driving from Southern California to Montreal. We drank a beer and a vodka outside his truck and ate with him in a restaurant beside the motel.


  1. All these bike repairs, it's something i could never have planned...

  2. At this rate, will there be any original parts on the bike when you reach your destination? It has to be costing plenty in time and money as well as frustration.


  3. Ryan's spent the cost of the bike already on repairs. The repairs improve the bike so the cloud has a silver lining. Today we will try to get to Saratoga. The town of the hot springs.