Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 38: Cheyenne, WY - Laramie, WY

Time: 5:55:43
Distance: 85.79km
Average Speed: 14.4km/h

The wind today was ridiculous. We were running at an average speed of about 12.5km/h most of the day climbing up to Laramie which stands at an elevation of over 7000ft. About 10 miles outside the town we had to ride on the interstate. It was all downhill from there into Laramie. A sign saying "Next 3 miles 5% gradient" brought a smile to my face after such a tough day. Halfway down the hill I started thinking Ryan might get a flat and maybe I'll have to cycle up the hill to help out but luckily that didn't happen. We couchsurfed with Jonathan tonight. Him and his friends took us to the bar which Moe's Tavern on the Simpsons was supposedly based on. It was a little outside the town centre so there wasn't much of a crowd but it was great to see. Then we went to the Buckhorn bar. A place thats been open every day since it opened in 1900. The mirror behind the bar has a bullet hole in it. A man thought his wife was cheating on him a few years ago and he decided to shoot her from across the street while she was in the Buckhorn. He missed but the bullet hole still remains. We ended the night in a cowboy bar where half the crowd wore cowboy hats. We ended up back at Jonathan's house drinking beer until 3 or 4am Laramie has been one of the best towns so far and we're considering staying another night.

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