Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 37: Rest Day

I managed to call some friends at home before heading to the bike shop for some spares. At around 4pm we cycled into Cheyenne to see the place. We met Ryan's friend Alex there and Titus was good enough to let him stay in his house too. We ate dinner at Titus's house and then cycled into town again. Someone recommended we go to the fishbowl party in a bar just outside the city center. 8$ for a fishbowl of whiskey and coke. So far we have cycled 3590.52km. We have a little over 2000km to go before San Francisco. The Rockies awaits!


  1. I see you found adequate refreshment after your long day of cycling... did you get absolutely balubaas?


  2. aaaaabsolutely! Galway needs a fishbowl pub!