Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 44: Masadona, CO - Vernal, UT

Time: 2:34:49
Distance: 47.1km
Average Speed: 18.2km/h

Ryan's tire had went flat overnight somehow and when we tried to fix it we realised the pump was missing. I must have left it on the road yesterday when I was replacing my tire. We managed to get a pump off John, who lived in the trailer park but we were going to have to get to Vernal to find another bike shop. We passed through a town called Dinosaur on the way where all the streets are named after Dinosaurs. Not long after Dinosaur we crossed the border into Utah. The road's in Utah were pretty poor and we were worried about punctures. Sure enough, my back tire popped and we were stranded. We decided Ryan should cycle on and I would hitch into Vernal which was about a 15 minute drive. I managed to flag down a family car in a few minutes and they took me to the bike shop in Vernal. We picked up Ryan along the way. When we arrived at the bike shop one of the men working there invited us into his house, made us coffee and said we could wash our clothes and shower. We are camping by his house tonight.

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  1. Utah, country of many wives..
    Fair play boys! Keep up the good work!