Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 46: Fruitland, UT - Salt Lake City, UT

Time: 6:23:05
Distance: 131.18km
Average Speed: 20.5km/h

A wise man once said "If its not broke don't fix it". Another wise man said "Prevention is better than cure". I didn't sleep much last night because of the cold but in the morning I noticed 3 of my spokes were loose. If the spoke is loose it can lead to the wheel buckling so using the "Prevention is better than cure" theory I tightened the spokes to prevent a wheel buckle. It turns out I'm not very good at tightening spokes and I ended up making the wheel buckle badly. I tried for an hour to get the wheel straight again but I just kept making it worse. It was so bad I had to remove the back brakes just to make the bike move. We climbed Daniels Peak which stands at an altitude of over 8000ft. At the summit there was a shop and the woman behind the counter told me about a bike shop in Heber City, 20 miles downhill. The owner of Brothers Bikes ( in Heber took almost an hour to undo the damage I did to the back wheel and needed to replace 5 spokes. He charged only 30$ for it and on hearing about my pump misfortune the other day threw in a free pump. The climb out of Heber into Park city was as tough as anything in the Rockies but on the upside there was over 20 miles of a descent into Salt Lake City. We arrived at our couchsurfing host Amanda's house before 8, got cleaned up and taxied into town.

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