Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 45: Vernal, UT - Fruitland, UT

Time: 7:26:27
Distance: 143.53km
Average Speed: 19.2km/h

We set off from the bike shop in Vernal quite early with our new pump in the bag. It needed to be used after just 2 hours. My back wheel got a flat in the town of Roosevelt. I replaced the tube but when I tried to pump it up the pump wouldn't work properly. It broke the valve off 2 tubes so when I put the 3rd tube in I put a schrader connection on the valve and used the other side of the pump. This managed to work and I was back on the road again. At the town of Duchesne we stocked up on food since there was no other town for the next 50 miles and we would be camping on a mountain. We had found a campsite on google maps but when we arrived at where it was supposed to be no campsite existed. It was getting dark so we just pitched our tent down a quiet road just off the highway.

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  1. god dam google maps, have led me astray too many times too!