Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 54: Winnemucca, NV - Lovelock, NV

Time: 5:11:24
Distance: 152.57km
Average Speed: 22.1km/h

We were warned yesterday that today would be stormy. In the morning it rained a lot and the skies were covered in dark grey clouds. Yesterday, everything started to go wrong for Mitch. His saddle kept breaking during the cycle. He started developing a coldsore and an eye infection. When he called the person who had agreed to sell him a ticket for burning man her mother answered and said she had already sold it. He also got a flat tire. So today Mitch decided to hitch a lift as close to burning man as he could in the hope of finding a ticket. I really hope he finds one. If anyone deserves a ticket for the burning man festival it's this man. The strong winds of yesterday were replaced by gentle but very cold breezes. Ryan got a flat after about 15 minutes and a while later my back tire grew a testicle (see photos below). I have never seen a tire do this before and ended up having to replace the tire with my last spare. The roads today were flat and smooth and we ended up in the town of Lovelock a bit earlier than we expected.

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