Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 55: Lovelock, NV - Stagecoach, NV

Time: 7:56:07
Distance: 144.77km
Average Speed: 18.2km/h

We woke at 5.30am for what was going to be a 150km cycle to Reno. The first few hours after Lovelock were pretty barren apart from a male doll caught with his pants down on the road shoulder and the head of a jack rabbit with no body in sight. When we arrived in Fernley Mitch had left us a message saying he was in town. We met him for lunch in a casino hotel just off the I-80 which we've been cycling on since Utah. Things are looking up for Mitch. He managed to get a Burning Man ticket off a local who lives near the festival site. When we tried to get back on I-80 we saw a sign which read "No bicycles". We had another 50km to go so we detoured south on a terrible road to Highway 50. We managed to make it as far as the town of Stagecoach and found a camping spot just off the roadside before dark.

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  1. I can't figure out if the doll leans more towards funny or creepy.