Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 56: Stagecoach, NV - Gardnerville, NV

Time: 3:50:04
Distance: 71.90km
Average Speed: 18.7km/h

Setting up a tent last night was tough as we were camping on sandy desert land. We had to pass through thorn bushes on our way out of our camping spot so we spent the first few minutes of the day pulling thorns from our skin. We made it to the Nevada state capitol of Carson City after about 2 hours and stopped in the Bike Smith shop for some air and tubes. They directed us to take route 88 to California followed by route 12. We stopped for supplies in Minden before setting out for Route 88 which would take us through the Sierra Nevada mountains and through the El Dorado Forest. We had planned to stop at a campground about 30km down route 88. After a few minutes we were flagged down by a woman standing beside a car so we stopped. She said she had always wanted to bring some touring cyclists with panniers to her house to help them out. Who were we to deny her this dream? Her house was 2 miles down the road with the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains shooting up just a few hundred meters from the back garden. We got a much needed shower, Katherine cooked a great dinner for us and her husband Roger gave us his home brew beer, wine and limoncella which were all top class.

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