Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 57: South Lake Tahoe, CA - Pioneer, CA

Time: 5:46:41
Distance: 107.71km
Average Speed: 18.6km/h

Katherine thought it would be a shame for us to get so close to Lake Tahoe without seeing it so in the morning we put our bikes in the car and she drove us up. We had a walk around the beach first and then started cycling from South Lake Tahoe as we would have covered the same amount of miles had we started in Gardnerville. We first reached the Luther Pass which took almost an hour to climb. After a descent and some flats we started the Kit Carson Pass, our last big climb of this trip. The climb doesn't go straight up and there are a few flats on the way up but you can reach points as high as 8,500ft and it is very demanding. The good part is the steep descents on the way down and I managed to reach over 70km/h today which I don't think I've done before. We stopped tonight in the town of Pioneer and are staying in a motel.

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